IP Tools

Our IP Tools help you determine IP address of a computing device, and also help locate where they are. IP Tools can also be used to diagnose network problems, and help setup networks.

IP Geolocation

Find geolocation of an IP address including city, region and country.

What is my IP?

Find my public IP address of a computer connecting to the Internet.

IP Location Widget

Would you like to add the IP Location widget to your website?

IP Tracker

IP tracker will create a URL shortener to track anyone's IP address.


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are represented as a 32-bit or 128-bit numbers.

IPv4 to IPv6

Convert a 32-bit IPv4 address into the 128-bit IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.

IPv6 Compression

An IPv6 Address is a 128-bit address that can be compressed or expanded.

IPv6 Compatibility

Check if your domain (or website) is using an IPv6 network address.

IPv4 CIDR Range

Convert CIDR to IPv4 Address range for subnetwork creation.

IPv6 CIDR Calc

IPv6 Subnetwork Calculator breaks CIDR into IPv6 subnetwork.

IP to ASN Lookup

Lookup Autonomous System Number (ASN) for an IP Address.

IP Whois Lookup

Lookup IP Whois Database for ownership of an IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

IP to Hostname

Reverse lookup DNS for the Hostname mapped to an IP Address.

Hostname to IP

Lookup DNS for the IP address assigned to the hostname.

Random IPs

Generate a desired number of random IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

URL to IP Lookup

Lookup an URL, and determine the location of the web server.

IP Converter

Convert an IPv4 address into octal, hexadecimal, integer and hostname.

Other Tools

We've put together a collection of domain, network and webmaster tools for developers and netizens. The tools are offered for ethical use only, and use of the tools to harm others are strictly prohibited. All available tools are free to use. You're welcome your suggestions and feedback on the tools we offer.

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