SEO Tools

Our collection of SEO Tools will help you acheive search engine optimization by offering tools to analyze links and help build organic traffic.

SEO Audit

Analyze a website for SEO metrics, performance, and search ranks.

Domain Age

Discover age of a domain name, which is the criteria used to rank a web site.

Moz Domain Authority

Moz Domain Authority checker checks DA, Page Authority and website Rank.

Sitemap Generator

Generate sitemap.xml of your entire website online up to 1,000 links.

Sitemap Validator

Validate your sitemap to verify its validity and syntax to let the crawlers know.

Meta Tags Analyzer

Online meta tags analyzer to fetch meta tags and compare with guidelines.

URL Redirect Tracker

Trace a suspicious or malicious URL until no more redirection occurs.

PageRank Checker

Check PageRank of any website or webpage by Open PageRank.

Open Graph Checker

Check Open Graph metatag within a web page to verify presense of og metadata.

Disavow Generator

Generate a disavow file to protect your site from spammy links.

HTTP Header Check

Display response header accompanied with body of the HTTP document.

HTTPS Checker

Check a webpage if it is loading resources from non-https protocol.

Is it down?

Check if a website is down for everyone or just you are experiencing an issue.

Reciprocal Link?

Check if a url has a backlink to your website by auditing reciprocal link.

SSL Checker

Check if a SSL Certificate is propertly installed and can be trusted.

Word Counter

Copy-and-paste your text, and we'll count the words and characters.

Word Frequency

Count frequency of each word appearing in the text area, or in an attached file.

Keyword Density

Enter text or upload a file, and analyze keyword density on each keyword.

Google Simulator

Enter a URL, and simulate Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) output.

Google Rank Checker

Enter a keyword and find your Google SERP rank without manual inspection.

SEO Browser

Browse a webpage from the eyes of search engines, and report analytics.

Link Analyzer

Detect all internal and external hyperlinks contained within a HTML document.

Inline CSS & JS Check

Detect external CSS, JS and Images contained within a HTML document.

GA & GTM Checker

Detect GA and GTM tags in a HTML document, and display tracking IDs.

Radar Domain Rank

Radar domain rank of world's most popular domains provided by Cloudflare.

AMP Validator

Is your web page mobile optimized? Validaate your webpage if it meets AMP.

Hreflang Tags

Generate hreflang tags for multi-language and multi-regional support.

Other Tools

We've put together a collection of domain, network and webmaster tools for developers and netizens. The tools are offered for ethical use only, and use of the tools to harm others are strictly prohibited. All available tools are free to use. You're welcome your suggestions and feedback on the tools we offer.

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