Third-party Tools

Third-party tools are popular tools offered by third-party companies that are worth mentioning.

AI Tools


An AI tool to create contents like articles, code, think pieces and more.

Google Gemini

Gemini is Google's official, conversational, AI chatbot.

Jasper AI

An AI tool that generates contents for email, ads, blog and websites.

Originality AI

An AI tool to detect AI contents like ChatGPT. Jasper, and Copysmith.

Midjourney AI

An AI tool that generates images, photos and arts based on text prompts.

Microsoft Designer

An AI powered graphic design tool to help you create visuals in minutes.

Stable Diffusion

An AI tool to generate text-to-image based on diffusion techniques.

Dall-E 2 (Paid)

Dall-E 2 is an Open AI tool that generates images and art from a description.

Security Tools

Virus Total

Analyze suspicious files, domains, IPs and URLs to detect malware.

Sucuri (Paid)

An online scanner checks for malware, suspicious redirects, igrams and etc.

Productivity Tools

Adobe Acrobat

An online PDF editor allowing you to add text, comments, and drawings.

Google Forms

Create forms, surveys and quizzes with multiple questions types.


Use this business intelligence tool to analyze technologies used by the site.

Photo & Video Editing Tools


Create an AI powered videos and images from 1,000+ royalty-free stock videos.

Adobe Cloud Express

A cloud-based media application to help you create photos and videos.


A graphics tools to allow users to design creative assest like photos and videos.


An online photo editor provideing sktch and paint effects for social media posts.

An online tool that you can drag images into the site and remove the backgrounds.

Educational Tools


A tutorial site teaching users how to code in various programming languages.

Other Tools

We've put together a collection of domain, network and webmaster tools for developers and netizens. The tools are offered for ethical use only, and use of the tools to harm others are strictly prohibited. All available tools are free to use. You're welcome your suggestions and feedback on the tools we offer.

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